The Dark Legacy Returns!

After a long break, TDL returns from the grave to battle the evil that reigns supreme within Pandaria! A multitude of existing members have come back, myself included, to redevelop into a progression powerhouse once more.

As this tier of raiding presses forward, we intend to rebuild our ranks and prepare to take a running start into whatever lies ahead.

If you’re interested in joining with us to fulfill our goal and become part of a fun, friendly, but serious raid-oriented environment, don’t hesitate to join up. We only have a few open slots available for our ideal raid comp. While we currently revamp our application and bring it up to date, please contact one of the below names in-game to schedule an interview.

We’re back.


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The Dark Legacy is recruiting

The Dark Legacy is now committed to progress in Heroic Dragon Soul, and for that purpose we are looking forward to recruiting a few key classes to become a part of our core raiding team. Specifically we are looking for;

Mage; We are looking for a high dps mage that is capable of delivering burst damage when ordered without losing raid awareness and with good mobility. While at this point both fire and arcane are up to par, we would prefer a mage that takes the challenge of mastering both specs and knows when one of them is superior and takes that as an advantage, be it calling forward the ethereal powers of magic or by burning stuff from the inside out.

Disc/Holy Priest; The versatility and high throughput of a Priest is something TDL is looking forward to have within our ranks again. We are looking for a priest that is both a competent healer and an aware raider, while being able to act coordinately in a raid that coordinate healing cooldowns. While we are formally looking for any of the two healing specs, the ideal is having a priest that knows when one of the two specs is better suited and responds accordingly.

Boomkin: The Arcane Chicken, the Owl of Death. TDL wants to bring some flavor into our range DPS ranks and what better way than to arrange a marriage between natural powers and the arcane. While high DPS is a basic requirement, we also look forward that you master the plethora of utility spells that are part of your arsenal. Be that guy that gives mana to that healer, or pops that unexpected life-saving tranquility, and everyone in this guild will learn to love you. A resto or bear offspec is a considerable plus.

Ret Pally:  The Dark Legacy sounds like a guild for shadow priests, warlocks and DKs. However, we also respond to the calls of the light -when they carry us to loot and glory-. We look forward to a recruit that sustains high dps with superior survivability and that is competent in utility. A Holy or Prot offspec is a considerable plus.

Hunter; Once the Hunters Legacy, this guild has know little of the awesomeness of this ranged class in a while. We are looking for superior DPS in the form of any spec, while being able to both focus down called out targets and do burn damage when called. We are well aware of the intrinsic difficulties of this class, so avoiding facepulls and having a pet alive during pulls are always a plus, but we know that might be too much to ask.

All other classes and roles will be considered for a try-out if they have sufficient merit. If you think you can outperform one of our raiders and you can prove that in our raid environment, then you will earn a raid spot in a mid-term time.

For more information you can post in our forums or contact: Aula, Dreggon, Katze, Abbatoir or YiyiBrutal in-game.

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Isn’t he the bridgekeeper really? BALEROC DOWN!

The Dark Legacy is starting to push into firelands with two new kills. First one was Alysrazor, the former Guardian of Hyjal and member of the green dragonflight, this boss presents a four phased fight that requires high awareness and managing several adds along the way. After a few days of practicing the dance, the encounter became pretty straightforward and it also became manageable after a few adjustments from our behalf. After the first kill, the fight becomes easily farmeable. And hey! People get to play Starfox, which is cool right?

Next was Baleroc, <The Gatekeeper>. One mechanic, multiple strategy possibilities. We spent the first half of our raid discussing strategies and adjusting raid comp. Second half throwing in attempts. And that’s what raiding is all about, being able to plan out and then execute, both with a certain degree of precision. In the end, it took 10 attempts to down the boss, not a lot for a first night of trying. This is definitely a healer intensive fight -not as much as chimaeron for a certainty-, but hey, THIS IS TDL, WE HAS HEALZ! KILL SHOT INC!

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The Dark Legacy; Getting rid of the big rocky nuisance

Volcanoes? Driving a giant? MOAR ADDS!? Only a hindrance in TDL’s road to success.

Lord Rhyolith feels a bit RNGish. Some attempts where bad just because of how awkwardly the volcanoes spawned and that can be frustrating. However, perseverance always triumphs against RNG, and this encounter was no exception. Not a hard fight, and especially not an encounter that requires too much of a strategy.

In the end, Rhyolith succumbed to living awesomeness and now he lays broken. Sadly, he dropped 3 pieces of the same holy pally gear, and we only had one raider that actually wanted it (NOTE: recruting Holy Pallies).

Shoutout: Happy birthday Abho.


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TDL does the Pest Control for fire spiders.

TDL Did the pest control and killed the ugly and icky firey spider Beth’Illac.

Fights that require split groups confronting different mechanics are always fun to deal with. Both ends of the raid need to master different movements and timings to beat the boss, which in this case involved dealing with multiple adds, rappelling from a giant spider web and doing massive DPS and healing during a 2nd phase race against death

The Dark Legacy is back in the game, and with that, Lord Rhyolith trembles and Alysrazor looks for a nest to hide. Sadly for them, TDL is in a lust for more loot.

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The Dark Legacy Wants You!

The Dark Legacy is currently recruiting for current content and in full preparation to engage the Firelands as soon as 4.2 goes live. Raids go from 8pm to 12am (EST) Sunday through Wednesday. We are currently 11/12 on 25s, and will be starting Hard Modes very soon.

All transfers will get a shot at securing a raid spot, we do not want you to waste your money to sit, but please don’t waste our time and yours. Check us out thoroughly before transferring and make sure we are a good fit for each other. Note that we are not looking for any “part-time” players, we are looking to for those who can attend a majority of our raid times.

We also require that your performance and contribution to our raids is within the full potential that your class has to offer. All raid members are required to perform at the maximum capabilities and skills while minimizing all undesired conducts or traits such as avoidable damage, drama or constant Afking. We will provide a cauldron and feasts, but having your own flasks and food for backup is mandatory.

TDL is particularly looking for:

Mage: You will be required to sustain high DPS both on movement fights and on those that require you to fulfill utility roles. As long as you know what you are doing, we don’t care if you freeze, burn or “arcane” things to death, we like mages in all flavors.

Warlock: You are expected to wiggle your fingers to afflict our enemies or engulf them in a shadowy mess. While high DPS is your primary concern, we will expect high utility from you, with the most effective use of curses, portals and demons. Doting multiple targets when required is a fine and dangerous art, that you must master prudently.

Druids: We know you love to be the eccentric moonkin or kitty that would rather DPS than anything else, and we will love you for it. However, if you come with a bonus pack Off-Spec, be it healing or tanking, then we really want you to show us what you’ve got. We are also looking to be the proud home of  a full-time Bear that can mangle and lacerate bosses.

Warrior: Who needs energy or mana, when you have RAGE!! You will be required to sustain high DPS on all sort of encounters, while avoiding incoming damage. You will standout not only for being somewhere in the top of the DPS meters, but because you will make all healers smile every time you are the first to run out of void zones.

While this are our most immediate needs, we encourage all players with intentions to raid current content and that want to have a strong start for the firelands to apply. We are currently accepting people with the right attitude, in whichever role you choose to play. You can Apply here

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The Dark Legacy; Level 25!

It took over 30,000 daily quests, over 100,000 quests, several raid bosses and 1095 Guild Achievement points to get there, but finally <The Dark Legacy> achieved the Guild Level cap of 25.

While TDL is mainly a raiding guild, this achievement shows that we are also a group of people that enjoy all aspects of the game, and because of it we got Guild experience at a fast enough pace that we are already capped.

As a proof of our awesomeness, we now get to ride the new mount!

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The Dark Legacy Disrupts Deathwing’s Plan

Besides his unmatched strength and his evil dominance over fire and shadows, what makes Deathwing such a threatening enemy to the Horde is his dominance over a powerful army and a group of the most evil allies Azeroth has met to this date.

One of those allies was the Twilight Hammer’s Chieftain and member of the Shadow Council, Cho’gall. However, the Ogre Magi is no more, after a battle of epic proportions against The Dark Legacy. The encounter, that involves a dancing-add management phase and a burn phase, was challenging at first, but since its pretty much straightforward, we could master it after a few adjustments.  Because of this, The Dark Legacy successfully completed the Bastion of Twilight and gave a fatal blow to the plan’s of the Shadow Council over the lands of Azeroth (and we got nice tier shoulders as a very welcomed price)

But obviously the ogre’s blood didn’t suffice to satisfy The Dark Legacy’s raid. And for that reason we decided to take it personal and challenge Deathwing’s pride, his son and Prince of the Black Dragonflight, Blackwing. A very taxing fight that requires full concentration and fast decision-making for a raid to succeed. Nefarian was a true test to our core group, but with the commitment and effort of every one of us we were able to win. Interrupts had a perfect timing, adds were successfully tanked, Electrocutes were healed effectively, and our dps was able to bring havoc, killing her helpless sibling Onyxia, destroying Nefarian’s evil inventions and ultimately crushing the Black Prince himself. Because of this TDL also successfully cleared the Blackwing Descent raid instance.

With this two epic wins, The Dark Legacy is only one boss away from becoming the true defenders of the Shattered World, and we can only hope that Al’Akir won’t vex us for too long…

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Raid Week #4-9

The Dark Legacy has made a commitment, to make every attempt cleaner and stronger than each of the past ones. Its a simple principle to mention, but to put it into practice requires patience, awareness and intelligence. All members have complied in excellency and the results can now be testified by the cold dead bodies of three new bosses and the shinny gear our raiders display.

First encounter was the Conclave of Winds, a council encounter that welcomed our raid into the Throne of the Four Winds, home of Al’Akir, the Windlord.  The Conclave encounter requires the raid to split in three groups, all of them facing different mechanics and abilities at the same time. To an extent, it feels like three encounters that run simultaneously, of course, the failure of one is the failure of all. After making some arrangements, each platform was successful in the same attempt and we were victorious.

Second boss to kiss the ground was Chimaeron. This horrific Hydra was the ultimate healing check. Every healer has an “Oh shit” button for those horrible moments any given fight has, but this fight happens to be a whole “Oh shit” encounter. However, after the original panic passed, the Hydra was no more.

Finally, the Ascendant Council was bested in the Bastion Of Twilight. Three phases, each with multiple mechanics and spells at the same time, but each of the four elements was at last controlled and put to rest. The elemental monstrosity, the combination of the four council elementals, was nothing but a little hindrance in our quest for glory

In the end, a hot streak for TDL as we approach the final bosses of Regular content, the terrible Nefarian, the malicious Al’Akir and the devious Cho’Gall.

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Raid Week #3: Keepin’ on truckin’.

The stench of death reeks havoc on what is left of the clean air.

Resurrecting their fallen, TDL pulls through another raid week as they succeed in battle with two new opponents: Maloriak, and Atramedes.

Maloriak was our first target. His phases can be deadly, but we juggle his abilities well. Part way into the night, on a last ditch effort from our remaining surviving, Maloriak can withstand our effort no longer. He falls. We get loot. We win.

Next we began working on Atramedes. Props to Blizzard here. A unique fight involving lots of focus from every raid member for a quite an extended duration. Techniques, strategies, thoughts all flow through our minds. Experiments take place, attempting to lighten the focal load of as many of the raid as possible. We struggle at first, come very close to victory on a few. But we couldn’t hit that flawless execution that we continued to strive for.

After some careful thinking by a few of our raid members, a new strategy is devised, and after some practice and alteration, our efforts prove worth while. The blind dragon falters after countless attempts, as the raid as a whole comes together and works together seamlessly. Congratulations to not only though in attendance for the kill, but to those who also put in the effort earlier in the week. Everyone’s sacrifice is what allowed us to end the week in victory.

Following Atramedes, we managed to give just a few practice runs on the Conclave of Wind at the Throne of the Four Winds. Our strategy is firm, our dps is balanced, and the Lords will not last long once Sunday comes around.

Until then, I leave this blog in high hopes: TDL will continue to strive for perfection and glory. And we will not stop until all has been vanquished.

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